7 Shocking Reasons EV Owners Are Switching Back to Gas Cars

7 Shocking Reasons EV Owners Are Switching Back to Gas Cars

Recent surveys show that nearly half of electric vehicle (EV) owners are purchasing gas-powered cars as their next vehicle. While EVs were touted as the future, it seems many owners have had enough and are going back to internal combustion engines. Here are 7 surprising reasons why:

1. EVs are less reliable
Contrary to claims that EVs are simpler and more reliable, real-world data shows they actually cause 80% more problems than gas cars. Issues with batteries, infotainment systems, and buggy electronics are extremely common.

2. Home charging dissatisfaction
For those with a garage, home charging was supposed to be cheap and convenient. But Level 1 charging is too slow, forcing owners to pay for Level 2 chargers. Rising electricity rates also make home charging less affordable.

3. Public charging nightmares
Public charging stations are still inadequate, especially in suburban areas. Even when available, charging is slow and expensive. Broken equipment and payment failures make public charging a headache.

4. High repair costs
Repairing EVs after an accident costs on average $6,600 compared to $4,255 for gas cars. Specialized materials, safety procedures, and lack of trained techs make EV repairs extremely pricey.

5. Expensive insurance
Insuring an EV costs significantly more due to higher repair costs, increased risk of being totaled after an accident, and fire risks from lithium-ion batteries.

6. Range anxiety persists
While improving, range and charging speeds still can't match gas vehicles. Extremes like towing or cold weather can severely degrade range too.

7. High prices and fast depreciation
Despite recent discounts, EVs still cost over $53,000 on average - 15% more than gas cars. Yet they depreciate around 50% over 5 years vs 39% for gas models.

With reliability woes, frustrating charging situations, and much higher lifetime costs, it's understandable why EV owners are having second thoughts and switching back to gasoline for their next car purchase. Improvements are still needed to make EVs a truly viable mainstream option.
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